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Barry Turlock (Mentor Sessions) *Discontinued

Barry Turlock (Mentor Sessions) *Discontinued


It is important to understand your real reason, or soul mission for being here at this exiting time. We have been living in a system designed to dis empower us from our true natural abilities. It is time to awaken and take back your true identity and live from Soul. Learn to navigate your way back to you and your personal journey. Learn to have fun. Be in joy. It is you that creates and has created all of what you experience. Take responsibility for your creations and create what you truly desire from Heart.

Barry Turlock

Are You?
  • Having a hard time with sense of direction.
  • Feeling tired, dizzy, forgetting simple things.
  • Feeling over whelmed, wanting out of the chaos.
  • ​Needing to see your path with more clarity.
Barry will help you with:
  • Finding your way home to you. Knowing one's self.
  • Physical activities for body, mind and spirit.
  • Chaos vs order in all food, water, health and environment.
  • Feeling energetic signatures, discerning between natural and synthetic.
  • Intergrating with Universal life. Access to Universal Knowledge.
  • Transcending the chakra system.
  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence, malevolent and benevolent. How to live with them.
  • How to put ones self out of phase with particular energies.
  • Understanding and accessing your archetypes and embodying them.
  • Living in balance, staying in Zero point. The 5D aspect of you.
  • Discover your organic technology.
  • The use of musical notes and color to empower your journey.
  • Feeling and living from Heart, understanding and using the Ego.
  • ​How to see energy fields around you.

I look forward to helping, In true light.
~ Barry.

To learn more about Barry, visit his Mentor page:

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