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Bood Hickson

Bood Hickson (Mentor Sessions) *Discontinued



  • Cosmic Brief: Exploring your Human Design
  • Birthday: Navigating your coming year
  • Mentoring: Personal mentoring based on your Human Design
  • Traveller: Insight into location or travel Astrocartography

    *All bookings include a Human Design chart made for you before your appointment.


Are You Seeking Health, Harmony or Enlightenment?

Bood Hickson helps people apply sacred knowledge practically to reduce frustration, disappointment and anger by better understanding themselves and how to "navigate" their lives more wisely.

Your time of birth identifies your unique resonance to our beautiful Galaxy, Sun, Earth, Moon, planets and stars. Consider how your fortune could improve if you could better navigate your life by understanding more clearly who "you" are.

Bood has studied the divine arts for over thirty years, seeking answers to life's eternal questions: "What are our highest purposes in this life?" and "How can we nurture our potential, whether as partners, parents, patients or pioneers?". Whether you're seeking self-realization, direction, relationship harmony, health, considering relocation or the year ahead. Bood offers intuitive and cosmological insights into your life choices. 

Bood Hickson is a healer, environmentalist, philosopher, facilitator and personal mentor: who's spent decades studying esoteric wisdom. First studying palmistry, then numerology, astrology, intuitive healing, Human Design, the Tarot and i'Ching. When woven together these spiritual modalities make up "divine cosmology" which complement scientific cosmology based on astrophysics.

"My initial objective was to comprehend my own unique nature. Now I integrate this knowledge to help others align with their path, sharing insights into how they differ from others and how they can resist the societal and personal conditioning that  limits their true potential."

The Cosmic Attunement presentations explain how we can practically apply this wisdom to important aspects of our lives, including well-being, purpose, relationships, collaboration, nurturing children and navigating these chaotic times. These presentations benefit from having your Human Design chart. Once you have made a booking, you will be contacted to arrange a chart made for you before your appointment date.

To learn more about Bood, visit his Mentor page:

About Mentor Sessions

Once your booking is complete, you'll be contacted by your Mentor directly.
You'll also receive a confirmation email 24 hours before your appointment containing all relevant information.

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