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Conscious Co-Creation Masterclass

Conscious Co-Creation Masterclass (Supplementary) Working PDF's *Discontinued

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  • Author: Anaiis Salles,
  • Format: PDF Document, MP3 Audio 96k Stereo
  • Pages/Content: x6 PDF Documents, x1 MP3 Audio
  • Publisher: Anaiis Salles
  • Presentation: Supplementary Course Material
  • Release: October 2016
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 18.4mb

Waking up is hard to do!
We each have a unique rhythm to our awakening journey.

We each have a preferred mode of learning and communication. For those of you who love to be great, conscientious students not wanting to leave a stone of discovery unturned, each webinar has written material in pdf form that augments specific webinar topical content. Use these docs to keep you on track as your process continues to unfold after the live portion of the course is complete.

This written information is included in standard pricing for this course ($597), but my gift to you and to Rise Multiversity is limited time access for the add-on price of $50 or Choose Your Price.

About the author:

What is Anaiis Salles' co-creative gift? Her fearless, loving attention and intention carry a gentle power that rearranges molecules into new forms of expression. Connect with boundless creativity in areas that matter in your life: spiritual transformation, personal development, well-being an physical health, loving relationships, vibrant community, true wealth, and successful co-creating.

Anaiis Salles is a complementary energy medicine practitioner, a life and business coach, transformation designer, ordained minister, inventor, and earth steward. Her mission is to guide others toward discovering and living through the magnificent essence, unique meaning, and powerfully loving co-creative capacity that is each individual life.

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