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Greg Paul

Greg Paul (Mentor Sessions) *Discontinued

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The intent of a mentoring session with me, Greg Paul is to help you extract the keys you hold within to elevate your perspective and take your next steps to becoming more balanced, centred and empowered by embracing Love, discovering Truth and embodying Purpose…

I offer to you my experiences as one who has walked this path of personal sovereign embodiment for many years, and am here to support your own process – from self-realisation to

  • Personal Sovereignty
  • Divine Masculine
  • Feminine Integration
  • Healing Inner Wounds
  • Mastering Divine Alchemy

...navigating your sovereign self through the external world with grace, and all things Loving, Truthful and Purposeful!

~ Greg.

The Sovereigns Way


Annual Mentorship Package

(Includes up to 4 hours of 1-2-1 Mentorship every month)

A special program designed to fully support you in becoming the master of your own reality.

I've design a tailored program to suit you –

  • Where are you currently falling short?
  • What aspects of yourself and/or your life are most in need of a reboot?
  • Business/money/abundance?
  • Healthy relationships?
  • Emotional stability?
  • Physical health?

By focusing on and bringing balance to your key areas first, you will gain the strength and motivation to go the whole way and step into the level of self-mastery which is your birthright.

And through my year-long dedicated one-to-one support..’ll receive the impetus to make sure you actually do it!


    To learn more about Greg, visit his Mentor page:


    About Mentor Sessions

    Once your booking is complete, you'll be contacted by your Mentor directly.
    You'll also receive a confirmation email 24 hours before your appointment containing all relevant information.

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