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Shadow Synthesis Part 3 - Transformational Catalyst Training - 2018 (Course)

Shadow Synthesis Part 3 - Transformational Catalyst Training - 2018 (Course)

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  • Mentor: Sienna Lea,
  • Content: Year long curriculum.
  • Publisher: Shadow Synthesis
  • Presentation: Course
  • Enrollment: Oct, 2018 (1 Year).
  • Language: English



  • Year long curriculum.



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    About the author:

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sienna Lea, woman author, once a psychologist in the system, now a mid-wife augmenting soul alchemy I call Shadow Synthesis to birth a New Humane reality of care and embodied conscience. I have worked for 50 years diligently engaging in New Paradigm projects and communities. Through all this I have come to realize that to truly birth a reality of embodied love and equality we must first transmute all that would sabotage this agenda residing within each of us. I am keen to share all I know including the transformational organic process of correction given to me by phenomenal mentors and Our Sacred Mother Planet herself.

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