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Sienna Lea

Sienna Lea (Mentor Sessions) *Discontinued


I see my role as a mid-wife holding space for you to heal and integrate your shadow gates where your soul force has been trapped, disassociated, interfered with or compromised.

You will learn the tools to yourself give birth to your true embodied organic Self.

I share wisdom, experience, techniques and transformational energetic processes accumulated over 50 years in creative potential development with an emphasis on Shadow work.

I do not take the stance of an expert who you give your power over to but rather a person, imperfect and evolving in my own right there caring and sharing by your side. I also have a talent for shadow busting, i.e. calling out what is hidden in blind spots and what needs to be faced.

The take aways from engaging in this healing shared connection are:

  • Restored health and energy
  • Increased confidence
  • Clear boundaries
  • Able to be embodied and feel
  • Grounded
  • Able to release negativity as it arises yourself
  • Igniting passion and courage to birth love and solution
  • Clarity
  • Inner strength
  • Activated desire to contribute
  • Loving yourself
  • Knowing your self


You Activating Your Truest Version of Self

This is all done from the perspective that you hold everything within yourself.

When the blind spots are illuminated as you pass through each shadow gate you can finally, really activate yourself as the sovereign being you have always been.

In order to get there from here you will pass through the knots blocking you within your psychological structure. I am calling these Soul passages Shadow gates.

The Shadow Gate of Childhood’s End
Here you authentically connect with aspects of your child self that where traumatized and in need of love healing completion and re-integration.

The Shadow Gate To Empower Yourself As The True Inner Hero/Heroine You Are
Here you connect directly with your infinite self and bring back on line the values and qualities needed to fall in love with yourself and step up to your true sense of embodied purpose.

The shadow Gate To Heal Ego Distortion
Here you transmute fear based survival programs run by an ego controlled by negative forces.

The Shadow Gate To Synthesize Past Lives
Here you experience, then transmute trauma from past lives bringing home to yourself their hidden treasures.

The Shadow Gate of Healing Your Ancestors And Their Interference
You release and clear unfinished narratives from your ancestral DNA.

The Shadow Gate To Integrate Your Break Away Personalities With Their Interference
You learn to connect and heal the fractured aspects of you that has grown as distorted versions of your potential.

The Gate of Self-Love
Here you become a feeling person present and able to adapt to change through gentle loving connection with the real new you.

~ Sienna.


Session Packages

When you are ready to make the commitment to invest in your soul metamorphosis a series of sessions at discounted rates can ground your commitment which can be the deal breaker.

*FREE GIFT with Private session Packages!

  • 10 Sessions
    $800.00 Now $600.00

  • 20 Sessions
    $1600.00 Now $1200.00

*As a bonus for committing to your healing process through these packages you will receive FREE download of Shadow-Synthesis I Course (Value $597.00).  

To learn more about Sienna, visit her Mentor page:

About Mentor Sessions

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