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Stealing The Moon

Stealing The Moon (eBook)

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  • Author: Sienna Lea
  • Genre: Visionary & Metaphysical
  • Format: eBook (includes PDF, ePub, Mobi formats)
  • Pages: 213
  • Publisher: Transforming Earth Press
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781465743763

This fascinating book, written by Sienna Lea, delves headfirst into the Deep Shadow, rediscovering, reclaiming and reintegrating the hidden aspects of Self. It is an honest and unflinching story that chronicles Sienna s 30-year journey, revealing the power and control our individual and collective shadow has over the planet. This is a must read for anyone willing to face the dysfunction in our lives and make the necessary changes to create a new paradigm with Mother Earth.

"Dr. Natalie Stearn comes dangerously close to destroying the life of one of her patients in a chilling incident that fuels her quest to discover what lies hidden in her own shadow self. What she discovers transports her back to Ancient Egypt, exposing the Powers that have her and humanity held tightly within a savage mind and emotional control."

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  • ePub (Nook, Kobo, other tablets)

About the author:

Sienna Lea, M.A. Psychology, was a practicing psychologist in New Zealand and is now a Creative Potential Developer who studied and worked for thirty years on the cutting edge of the psycho-spiritual revolution. She has been a Primal-based Therapist and was director of Steppingstone, a Center for Human Potential in Northern California. She studied with the creator of Emotional Quantum Intelligence, Ms. Aysha Love, traveling and facilitating in New Zealand, Spain and all across the western United States. Sienna combines innovative technologies in BioEnergy Balancing and Creative Potential Development. Her work breaks new ground in exposing the hidden agendas of power layered within the shadow aspects of the psyche.

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