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TCM Tour San Miguel de Allende

TCM Tour San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Full Day Presentation - August 19th, 2015

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Santa Ana Theater, Public Library | San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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Event Time:
10am - 6pm

  • Who are we, where do we come from, what are we doing here, where are we headed?
  • Universal framework
  • The fractal nature of our galaxy
  • The Grand Deception
  • The purpose for the creation of planet Earth and her Humanity
  • Our true nature of creativity and magnificence

Nearly all who journey the path of the ‘Truth Seeker’ have been able to recognize that there exists an Earthly Matrix and are in the process of transcending it. But virtually none of them know of the existence of a Cosmic Matrix.

In this one day presentation, George will share knowledge and wisdom, that helps you to come home to your organic authentic and infinitely divine nature, to further awaken the inherent knowledge and immense power that resides within you.

George’s heart felt ‘Our Journey Home’ message will help you to re-discover the truth of what life on this planet and this Universe, is really about. The purpose beyond all dogma and doctrine of the religious, scientific, occult and new-age paradigms.

You will experience knowledge and wisdom in a way that is simple, raw, yet powerful in its approach and deeply profound in its outcomes. You will undergo an amazing transformation which is truly on a universal scale, that is making a distinct difference in people’s lives.

  • Rediscover what being self-empowered truly means.
  • Journey deeper into awakening, and rebirth from the template of life eternal.
  • Understanding how to transcend not only the Earthly Matrix, but also, the Cosmic Matrix.
  • Reintegrate with your true Divine Spiritual Sovereignty.
  • Liberate yourself from all programs of dogma and doctrine of religion, science, the occults, and the new age.

The ethos of the message aims to guide you back into your own Heart Soul Essence beyond consciousness, empowering you from within, enabling you to draw on your immense inner knowledge and wisdom. Then, you can make more informed and discerning decisions to strongly navigate your way during this time on Earth known as ‘The Great Change’.

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